The Big Bang

Amidst the chaos of the void, humans find themselves lost, devoid of purpose...

Descend into the unknown

Obtain treasures spoken of in legends.

The deeper you go, the lonelier it gets.

Clip from Descend V1 $10,000 prize event


In a realm beyond the void, the Greatest Light reigns supreme. Descendants, its lesser lights, are reborn from adventures on the Treasure Trails

Descend: Treasure Trails

Feeling lucky? Journey through the Treasure Trails and and forge your legacy as a Descendant.

Descend Online

Your Lost Legacy is Reclaimed. Explore Descend Online, a MMORPG with breathtaking elements that takes community & roguelike to a new level.


Descend began its journey in July 2022 as an experimental 2D dungeon crawler.

Feedback from our community was overwhelmingly positive, leading to enriching discussions about the game's potential.

Encouraged by this support, we were inspired to take Descend to new horizons as a comprehensive gaming brand.

Alongside our brand, we're developing innovative games like Descend Online (V2) and Treasure Trails.

Descendants are humans who have reclaimed their lost legacy, as lesser lights, on the Treasure Trails.

Scarcity and distribution is carefully controlled, one way of which it is randomly given to players based on exploration or combat.

Our algorithm is a lot like "Smart Loot" in traditional games.

  • Community Focus: The strength of a game lies in its community. We're committed to listening, engaging, and evolving with our players.
  • Dynamic Storytelling: Immerse in narratives enriched by Descendants, encapsulating the best dungeon crawler experience to offer.
  • Real-World Engagement: While much happens online, we believe in community interactions that go beyond the screen, fostering genuine connections.
  • Post-Work Sanctuary: We recognize the need for relaxation and escape after a long day. Let us turn your evenings into adventures and weekends into nostalgic stories.

Descend: Treasure Trails is schedule to release in Q4 2023 on iOS & Android.

Descendants will also launch on the same day as Treasure Trails.

Yes. Rolls are sold on our store and can also be purchased by TEAR.

No. The 3-month window to claim TEAR using the Dungeon Pass expired on July 1st, 2023.